Swedish Plant Stem Cells

We love science and we love incorporating it into our skincare. Not only are plant stem cells powerhouse ingredients for the skin, they are a wonderful sustainable choice for our Mother Earth.

Our plant stem cells are organically grown and cultivated in a bio-greenhouse in southern Sweden.

Aloe Vera Stem Cells 
Inci: Aloe vera callus extract

Aloe Vera relieves irritation, is superior in skin hydration, helps rejuvenate collagen production, and contains anti-ageing properties.

Arctic Roseroot Plant

Arctic Roseroot Stem Cells 
Inci: Rhodiola rosea callus extract

Arctic Roseroot is high in antioxidants, is skin strengthening, and has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Find these local Scandinavian beauties on our Hydrate Elixir. 

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