Norwegian Sea Kelp

Norwegian Sea Kelp, better known as Fingertang in Norwegian. Icelandic Vikings used to burn seaweed to extract its salty mineral content. It was called, Viking Silver, and was believed to improve peoples' mineral nutrition and prevent disease. 


Norwegian Sea Kelp
INCI: Laminaria digitata


Laminaria Digitata is a superfood for the skin. It fights ageing, de-pigmaentation, and creates skin elasticity. Sea Kelp is an excellent moisturiser and boosts collagen production. It's smooth, jelly-like texture leaves a beautiful 'lamina' (film) on the skin. This barrier protectant helps against TEWL (Trans-epidermal water loss). It is a wonderfully mild ingredient for those with sensitive skin types. We simply love diving into this natural ingredient.

Our Norwegian Sea kelp is hand-gathered off the beautiful coastline in North Norway.

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