Icelandic Sea Kale

Icelandic Sea Kale is a superfood of the sea that helps turn the clock back on our skin. It is high in minerals and vitamins and your skin needs it in your daily skincare ritual.

Our Sea Kale is wild harvested off the coast of Iceland by a local, award winning, Norwegian seaweed company. We macerate and create this extract for you, fresh the sea and straight into your freshly made skincare. 

Icelandic Sea Kale

Sea Kale
almaria Palmata

This beautiful creature of the sea helps improve blood circulation, resulting in brighter skin. It is a dreamy anti-aging ingredient that fights wrinkling inducing free radicals from containing high levels of antioxidants. Sea Kale also helps protect against UV rays, is a natural skin cleanser, and promotes collagen production. 

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