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Ask the formulator!

Meet the creator and formulator of RUE, Kristina Dunn. The two-time award winning graduate from Formula Botanica with diplomas in Organic Skincare Formulation, Organic Cosmetic Science, Anti-Aging Skincare, and Beauty Business Management.
Hello Natural Beauties,

I would like to thank everyone for supporting the journey of RUE. It is an uncertain time becoming a skincare entrepreneur, but because of the positive affirmations from you all, RUE forges on. We are now SOLD OUT of our first batch! Thank you!

Formulating natural skincare is my deepest passion. Creating all natural, high performance products that show results is incredibly rewarding. I wish for nothing more than to spend my days in my lab handcrafting skincare fresh from the plant to your skin.

If you have any questions regarding your skin routine, skin issues, what products are best for your skin type, or about ingredients, ask away! I will gladly help you find the perfect skincare routine.

Many thanks,
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This arrived to USA so incredibly quickly!
I am a serum junkie and was hoping for the best but RUA has exceeded my expectations.
It is so silky and absorbed into my skin right away. My skin feels smooth and hydrated. No leftover greasy feeling like so many other brands leave.
The scent is light and reminds me of nature…magical might be the right word.
I love it!
Wonderful product and will definitely purchase again as well as recommend to others. ❤

Sara Lauer April 12, 2023

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